Welcome To DreamFit®

DreamFit® fits your Mattress…and your Lifestyle…like a Dream. Our Seven Degrees System allows you to choose your own Degree depending on your lifestyle and comfort needs. And every Degree offers our patented Guaranteed To Fit & Guaranteed To Stay On™ features, allowing you to “self-tailor” your sheets to any mattress height, giving them a perfect fit.

DreamFit® uses only the finest materials…world-class cotton—Egyptian, Pima, American Supima. We take these ultra soft, breathable fibers and weave them into the smoothest, softest finishes. One touch and you will understand the difference.

At DreamFit®, our line begins with a comprehensive program of mattress and health protection. Our patented luxury sheets are the only sheets Guaranteed To Fit & Guaranteed To Stay On™. And our DreamFit® Quilted Sheet Ensembles are crafted to fit any thickness of mattress without sacrificing function or fashion.



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